ahh-ahhh-(Brain pops-out)ahhhhh!

Rocko's Modern Life is about a Wallaby who is a resident in the US. The show is created by Joe Murray who also created Camp Lazlo and Frog in A Suit. It's one of many Nicktoons to be called a classic.


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  • Rocko's Modern Life has promotional toys from Hardees
  • Rocko has his own video game for SNES.
  • Rocko has VHS tapes as well as a DVD that recently realeased from Shout Factory.
  • Nick store had Rocko plushis

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  • Rocko is a playable character in the Wii and PS2 versions of "Attack of The Toybots".
  • Heffer has been breifly referanced in the final episode of "Camp Lazlo".

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