PaRappa The Rapper Anime Poster

Everybody Get Down!

PaRappa the Rapper is an anime series that was based on the Award-Winning PlayStation video game series, directed by Hiroaki Sakurai, produced by Aniplex for Fuji Television in Japan. Animation produced by J.C. Staff, in Co-production with Production I.G.  There's no english dub yet in the series.

The show centers around the misadventures of PaRappa and his friends.

Main CharactersEdit


  • There were 2 soundtracks
  • There were also DVDs (in Japan) that producd by Aniplex itself.
  • Takara Tomy (formely Takara) made plushes (like with maracas) based on the show
    PaRappa DVD Collection

    DVD Set/Collection of PaRappa Anime

    PaRappa DVD 7

    Another DVD

    PaRappa DVD

    One of the DVDs

English Dub SuggestionsEdit

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