Kirby, Kirby, Kirby's the one

Kirby: Right Back at Ya (aka Kirby of The Stars)is based on the Kirby game series by Nintendo and Hal Laboratory. King Dedede will stop at nothing to destroy Kirby in Cappy Town, unless he's "hoisted by his own petard". The series contains characters who didn't appear in the oringinal games.

4kids handled the anime no longer has the rights. The anime is currently unlicenced and is now handled by Hal Laboratory and Grand Brilliance Sdn. Bhd. is not, it will be handled (along with HAL Laboratory) by FUNimation Entertainment, and will be renamed into the original japanese title or not. 


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  • Keychains of Kirby was their to promote the show.
  • Wendy's did promotonal toys for the anime, while Burger King did 2 Kirby toys to promote the anime during there Nintendo promotion.
  • There VHS and DVDs of the series.
  • Japan launch some plush, charms and water games.
  • The was even a coloring book base on the anime in Japan.


  • Because this, Shaman King and Mew Mew Power are no longer owned by 4kids. It's possible to get them redubed or purchase by by another company.
  • Getting Crap Past The Radar: In one episode, someone said "steroids".
  • The anime was a part of "The Fight for The Foxbox".